The Art of Joyful Living Through Asanas

Date: from 2nd April 2020 (Thursdays) from 10:00 -12:00

Teacher: Noémi Melcher (

This 10 week course serves as an introduction to the art of joyful living through yoga asanas.

Each class starts with 2 minutes centering. Then a short yoga philosophy discussion follows. To prepare the body, joints and glands exercises are practiced first. Based on the concept of the week a few asanas follow. Last segment of the practice is relaxation and a short meditation. The class ends with a Q&A.

This course is focusing on the fundamentals of yoga science. The asanas are introductory. It focuses to introduce the attendee to the miracles of yoga: the “attitude of gratitude” and the art of joyful living. Techniques on how to increase self-observation, self-appreciation and self-love are discussed. This class is ideal for those who seek to have a peace- and joyful living. There is no age restriction to attend this class. The postures are beginner-, intermediate level.

Each class is held in English and lasts about 120 minutes.

From the teacher: “I am practicing asanas since age 19. Paying attention how I relate to my body in yoga classes showed me how I relate to myself and to life. Changing my behavior on the yoga mat lead to behavioral change in other aspects of life. I also gained better control over my mind and consciously switched into a self-supporting mindset. Yoga has brought to me well-being (physical, emotional, mental), general calmness, bliss and plenty of gratitude. I would love to share all what I have gained throughout these years with those that are open to receive.”


Timeline of the theme:

1st week: Introduction to Yoga (8 limbs, Patanjali’s) and to the concept of Ahimsa

2nd week: Introduction to the concept of Satya

3rd week: Introduction to the concept of Asteya

4th week: Introduction to the concept of Brahmacarya

5th week: Introduction to the concept of Aparigraha

6th week: Introduction to the concept of Sauca

7th week: Introduction to the concept of Santosa

8th week: Introduction to the concept of Tapas

9th week: Introduction to the concept of Svadhyaya

10th week: Introduction to the concept of Isvara pranidhana



Price: 2.000 HUF/class

Place: Himalayan Yoga Center, Hungary

Himalájai Jóga Tradíció Központja, VII. District, Kiss József street. 4.

If you have any questions or interest to attend, please send an email to .

Himalájai Jóga Tradíció Központja

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