Letter to Hungarian Students Regarding Vaccination for COVID-19

My dear Friends,

My Guru-brother Ashutosh contacted me recently regarding the fact that many Sadhaka of the Hungarian community are reluctant to be vaccinated for the SARS2 Coronavirus. I Am writing to support the decision of the leadership to ask community members to be vaccinated. This is really the only way to reach a population level of immunity that will allow for safe enough in-person contact. It isn’t just an issue about individual health; it is about the health and safety of the whole community.

Some people have the idea that the illness itself is basically a common influenza. This is most assuredly not the case. It is clear that this is an inflammatory disease of the vascular system that initially appears to be a respiratory illness but in many people behaves very differently, often leaving people with lingering symptoms that take months to clear. It leaves a certain percentage of people with long-term organ damage and no one knows how long these problems may persist or to whom they will occur. Please take it seriously. Our own Swami Ritavan suffered a course of COVID-19 and I am happy to report that he is doing very well at this point. But he spent several day in hospital, fortunately managing to stay out of intensive care. One problem with this illness is that it reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the circulatory system without impairing the balance of carbon dioxide, which is how the body measures the need to breathe more and more deeply. So people’s oxygen levels fall without their feeling any distress until they just die in their sleep of hypoxia. The bottom line is that you are many times more likely to die from COVID-19 than from inluenza. Please take the illness seriously. I guarantee you that Swami Veda, were he still with us, would insist on people taking the vaccine.

These vaccines are the best ever produced. People often object that they are new and untested. This is not true. These vaccines were in development and investigation two years before the Corona virus even appeared. They represent a staggering increase in vaccine effectiveness and safety as they contain nothing that can give you the illness. (Previous vaccines were often a killed virus or a disabled virus; these are not.) The MRNA technology of these vaccines does NOT alter anyone’s DNA. It simply changes the way that the DNA “program” is translated into the form of proteins.

So please do face your fears about the illness and the vaccine. It is good medicine. I have taken it as have most of our traveling teachers and none of us has had any problems with it. For those who fear having a reaction to the vaccine, the more reaction you have the better your own immune system is working. This is actually a good sign. I wish you all well in continuing your studies and I look forward to our next meeting whether that be in person or in the virtual universe.

Stoma (Stephen Parker Psy.D. L.P. C-IAYT)

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